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Both programs contain a workbook and video to make your experience a success.  Plus, you are never without help, never alone.  One call or email to us brings to you, your own private instructor. This “FREE SERVICE is included in case you have a question or concern.  Remember an instructor is waiting to hear from you and is only a phone call away.  Our programs have a great reputation at being self-paced, fun, and include media in the form of text, images, video, graphics, and audio. This course is made available to persons looking for a “total comprehensive program.”  Our class is approved in most State and County Court Jurisdiction that allow ONLINE and or CORRESPONDENCE PROGRAMS for parents who have children and need a DIVORCE CLASS.

Remember the best part of this program includes and helps you prepare a Parenting Plan.  When doing the plan we give your ideas regarding mediating your divorce; encouraging you to become a successful mediator, ready to negotiate your settlement with confidence.

Our “Best Practiced” Parenting Plan is recognized and accepted throughout the United States. Since 2002 we have been established as an “Approved Provider for Divorce Programs.”  Thousands of persons have taken this program, not because their state required the program, but because it covers all aspects of their divorce or parenting plan.

This program is all about getting needed information pertaining to divorce and separation.  All COURTS REQUIRE PROPERLY FILLED OUT PARENTING PLANS.  THE DOCUMENTS YOU SIGN ARE OFFICIAL PAPERS REQUIRED BY THE COURTS TO OBTAIN A DIVORCE.  Our parenting plan is honored and accepted in most divorce settlement courts; in fact our Parenting Plan has earned the distinct honor as being called a “Best Practice” Parenting Plan.

Let’s get started.  Your state most likely will compel you to take a Divorce Program.  They will also require we inform you about your responsibility and the opportunities afforded to you as a single parent.

Specific material is covered based on helping you and your children adjust to separation and divorce. This education material falls into several categories, however the Department of Children and Family (general term for state run agencies) encourages from you and your partner to continue to communicate and raise healthy children.

Depending on the hours needed or required by your state, pick the course you need based on hours that your state requires.

Thank you for considering our programs.

Our Program

Thank you for your interest regarding our program.

As your goal is to get a divorce, we know our program, fulfills Courts prerequisites for education requirements to get your divorce.  Primarily, we want you to be satisfied as a parent and now “head of household”, to end up with an exceptional divorce arrangement.  Use your attorney or go without one.  Either way, you will want to retain and use the knowledge received in our program as you progress through Co-Parenting Course - A Healthy Divorce.

Our program comes to you through two very different media styles.   Our Online Program “Co-Parenting Course - A Healthy Divorce” is delivered as an exceptional web based course written for the internet.  Our second program is our outstanding Virtual Correspondence Program, also called “Co-Parenting, A Healthy Divorce.” Your program is mailed to you; taking into consideration your privacy.  We discretely mail to you the program to your doorstep, at your home in book format.