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“Nationally Approved” Divorce Program in Most States including Florida and Maryland​​

Parenting Program for Families with Children


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This course has been referred to as the following: however all courses are the same Divorce “Approved” Course.

More Course Information

Parenting Education and Family Stabilization Course
Parenting for Parents Living Apart
Cooperative Co-Parenting for Healthy ChildrenSuccessful Parenting when Families Live Apart
Co-Parenting Education
Trans-parenting Seminar
Co-Parenting Education Class
Co-Parenting Course
Co-Parenting Education ProgramCo-Parenting Class
Co-Parenting Educational Seminar
Divorce Course
Co-Parenting Seminar
Divorce Class
Co-Parenting Skills Enhancement Program
Family Stabilization Course
Family Law Orientation Workshop
Family Stabilization Class Parenting Education Course
Healing Hearts Parenting Course
Parenting Education Class and there are still others.
Parenting Class

Who needs this Co-Parenting Divorce Program?

  • “A must when needing a divorce program and “Free parenting plan which is included in your program.”
  • “If going ProSe (being represented without an attorney) this program prepares you for getting a divorce”
  • “Filing Single, (Without being married) this is a one on one course, that will help you throughout your entire process.”
  • “Written by a Court Mediator. This program covers everything you need to learn and know on how to mediate your own divorce and write a Divorce Settlement and Parenting Plan.” Stop Spending Money on Legal Fees and Mediation Conferences.

What divorce attorney’s as well as parents are saying about our program:

  • “A well-thought out plan for settling a divorce.”

  • “An absolute must when going in front of a Judge and the court. I was ready!. Thanks to A
    ​Healthy Divorce.”

  • Requested by my attorney, to prepare to negotiate my divorce. “This is all I needed to prepare for my divorce settlement and parenting plan.”

  • One attorney stated, “This is the best tool I have when writing a divorce settlement. The client takes the informative course, and write’s their parenting plan. We meet with the other side, who uses the same parenting plan and we begin negotiating.”

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