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More people then you think choose this way of doing their Divorce Program and “Free” Parenting Plan. Live in a remote area where divorce schools or classes are not given or are much too difficult to get to? No problem, this course is perfect for you. Perhaps you have a hard time finding a baby sitter. Or, you just want to have a very detailed recordable program that you can reference back to and use to write your parenting plan from. We understand how some parents must travel long distances to get to an approved course provider. With our correspondence course and instructor always available by phone, you can complete the court required course in the comfort of your own home at your own time.

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A Healthy Divorce asks that you acknowledge and agree, to the following disclosure: “A Healthy Divorce” offers the Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course, found on website: www.DivorceProgram.com. This program is offered by correspondence with individual instructors and over the internet on-line. Included in the program; a “Free” Parenting Plan, with information on how to mediate your entire divorce. Using these skills, you will find you are in total control through-out your entire divorce. The information you will be receiving will help you compose and write your divorce documents.

All students of the Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course must remain within the course and its content for the minimum time selected. The components of the Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course are intended for educational purposes only. Any person, who gives advice in this program, only will relate to the subject matter within the guidelines of the program.

It is understood that we cannot give mental health advice or provide therapy, medicine or treat any disorder. In the event you have a question regarding mental health disorders/issues we strongly suggest you contact a mental health counselor or doctor. When necessary we encourage you to seek on-going assistance through a licensed medical facility or mental health center. We are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice.

Where jurisdictions allow correspondence courses, this course is accepted in all states “NATIONALLY.” Check to see if those will allow you to use a book based correspondence course with instructor.

“Co-Parenting Course - A Healthy Divorce” is not responsible for any client-side technical problem or student not understanding how to operate a computer. This includes mobile device PC’s, public computers, internet connections, DVDs, and any use of our application. Completing this course, “Co-Parenting Course - A Healthy Divorce” will provide an original “certified” certificate of course completion to the parent/caregiver. We also make available when requested original “certified” originals to your attorney, judge, caseworker, probation officer, counselor, or any other person you deem should have an original “certified” course completion certificate. You may make copies as well for these individuals. However you are responsible for providing a copy not an original to the above. Your privacy is important to us. Only persons you request we send original certificates to will receive a certificate. The student by clicking the AGREE for online button acknowledges that they have read this agreement, understands its content, and they agree with the terms of this disclosure.

The legal component of the parenting course, shall provide general Florida Family Law principals. The presentation of this material is not intended to constitute legal advice and the course material needs to direct the participant to consult with a licensed attorney for answers for specific legal questions.

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